Color Aerocatures™
All artwork © Hank Caruso

All images are 13" x 16" unless otherwise noted

A Future of Past Greatness
Grizzly Consequences
Caught in the Rigging
Beware the Gator's Teeth
The Ambassadors

Breakfast of Champions

Cat Stroke Fever

Come what LeMay

Junkyard Hawg

Diamonds & Thrust

First In, Last Out

Hose Nose

Helos & Heroes

Lady Lex

Nantucket Sleighride

Not the Norm for Form

Passing On The Spirit Of Light Attack

Rough Day At The Office


Scratch One Bogey

Semper Torque (detail)

Speed of Heat @ 80,000 Feet

Viper Two Ship

Workhorse With Wet Feet

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