2018 Aerocatures™ Calendar
Artwork © Hank Caruso

(Now in its 37th consecutive year!)

    The 2018 Aerocatures™ Calendar features the following illustrations:

  • John Glenn salute, Marine Corps aviator, test pilot, and astronaut on both Project Mercury and the Space Shuttle (Cover)

  • Wally Schirra salute--Project Mercury capsule splashdown

  • Neil Armstrong salute--X-15 drop from an NB-52A for a test flight

  • Navy Landing Signal Officers (LSOs) at work on the carrier deck

  • He-111 loses to P-51 in air combat over Europe in World War II

  • USS Midway V-2 missile launch from its deck while at sea (Project Sandy)

  • B787 Dreamliner high-performance Farnborough air show takeoff

  • KC-97 refuels B-47 in the glory days of the Strategic Air Command (SAC)

  • NASA DC-8 laser hazards

  • F-16 first APG-66 radar delivery

  • John Travolta's 707 in Quantas Airways colors

  • F-14 Tomcat provides escort service for a Russian Tu-95 during the Cold War

  • Back of the Calendar: Vection spatial disorientation
(Some subjects may change without notice.)
  • The ENTIRE contents of the Aerocatures™ Calendar are in totally glorious color!

  • Calendar size is ~8.5"x 11". Commissions, color prints, & merchandise also available.

  • Each 2018 calendar costs $20. SHIPPING & HANDLING is $5 per order (not per calendar). Maryland residents must include 6% SALES TAX.

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